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Every day will start out with circle time with music and dance...

Monday - Sensory Play
We will play icebreakers games to get to know each other plus enjoy themed sensory bins. 
Snack: Bananas + Cheese Stick

Tuesday - Story Time
We will be reading a themed book and play story book related games. 

Snack: Cookies + Yogurt Pouch

Wednesday -  Painting
We will get colorful with paint to make a fun keepsake souvenir
Snack: Strawberries + Pirate Booty

Thursday -  Arts + Crafts
We will be getting creative with our hands to make a craft keepsake. 

Snack: Goldfish + Apple Slices

Friday - Fitness Fun
We will getting our fitness on with movement, dance and games. 

Snack: Ice Cream Sundae

*Your child will have the option of selecting water or juice with their snack.
If your child has allergies, we can swap out food items or you can bring your own. You can list allergies on the registration form. 

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