1 Play Pass.png
$16  Child
$11  Infants 
$11  Sibling (12mo+) 
Siblings under 1 yr are free. 
5 Play Pass.png
10 Play Pass.png



Each play pass includes 3 hours of play and classes. 

The 5 and 10 Play Pass can be shared among siblings. 

Age Definition


Infant: 0-11 months

Child: 12months +

Siblings that are between 7-9 yrs old have the option of playing with their younger siblings. Siblings older than 9 yrs old are considered a "Mother's Helper". We ask that older siblings be VERY cautious of the little ones in the play area. 

Classes + Events

Classes are included with play pass. It will be clearly noted if a certain event or series of classes are not included in admission. Passes can not be used to attend special events. 


We offer discounts for military and first responders. Play groups of 10 or more kids can receive a discount. Find out more.