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The Parent + Child Series

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About MentaLife

MentaLife is a growth and wellness organization that makes mental health a priority in an effort to improve overall well-being. With more than 15 years of experience in school systems, MentaLife's health and wellness educators have professional degrees in psychology and counseling and are experts in positive behavioral strategies and child motivation. Most importantly, they are parents themselves who see the growing need for parent-child relationship building and the power of healthy communication within families.

What is the Parent + Child Series

Every session in the Parent + Child Series will be parent focused including research backed principles and concepts presented in a kid friendly atmosphere. It will be a space where you can learn as an adult and your child can engage in topic related activities. Picture a preschool classroom with adult commentary to explain exactly why the kids are doing what they are doing and how you can encourage them in the same ways at home! The topics are the tough ones! So, our aim is to begin the conversation that you will be able to take deeper at home and provide you with activities and concepts that can shape your daily routine. 

The educators will never focus on having power over your children.  They won’t give tactics to better control them. Instead, we focus on understanding and growth for BOTH of you. You won’t find any magic tricks, no “try this for a week and your life will change” gimmicks. This is all about growth and understanding. 

Session Details


Ages: 3 + 4 yr olds will meet on Mondays at 9:30am

  • September 14, 21, 28 and October 5

Ages: 5 + 6 yr olds will meet on Tuesdays at 3:30pm

  • September 15, 22, 29 and October 


30 min - Check in + Free Play

1 hour - Session and activities

30 min - Free Play 


  1. What You Say Matters 

    • This session is focused on the power of words – what we say matters! We will learn to encourage, motivate, and communicate to help our children grow in confidence and create a more positive home environment. We will talk about the hurtful nature of labeling, negative stereotyping, and how you can guide the language used in your own home.

  2. Feel Your Feelings

    • Let’s talk about strong emotions! Parenting can bring about joy and anxiety in the same moment, fear and elation, pride and concern. While we may not say these emotions, we certainly feel them, and the ability to express, over express, or not express them at all can feel debilitating. Our kids tend to feel the same way! (Cue toddler meltdown!) Join us as we learn to express our emotions, have an open conversation about how we are feeling, and seek to say, “I know how I am feeling and I can express it.”

  3. Little Minds, Big Motivation

    • We all work for something! And our kids are no different – Join us as we discuss your personal motivators, what motivates your children, and how understanding both of your motivators can affect parenting and relationships. Learn the power of positive discipline, how to begin family goal setting, and how to apply the science of motivation to your daily routine.  

  4. Positive Vibes 

    • Ever walk into a room and feel the heaviness of the space? Ever been the person to create that heaviness? Our kids are MASTERS at reading a room, and, as parents, we are not always aware of the subtle heaviness we are adding to their little worlds. This session will focus on the power of subtleties, the ways we categorize emotions, and how a positive outlook can change your daily environment.


$55    Monthly or 6 Month Members​ 

$80    Non-members (includes play)

Pricing is per child for all 4 sessions and play time. 

Classes are limited to 10 kids.