Frequently asked questions

Do you offer memberships?

We currently do not offer memberships at Sunshine.

Can I bring a child older than 6 years old?

Yes, older siblibgs are allowed to help with younger siblings. If older siblings (ages 7-9) choose to play, you will be required to pay for their admission. Older siblings are to be VERY cautious with the little ones around them.

Do you have a baby area?

Yes! We have a separate, enclosed area just for babies.

Can we bring food?

Yes, we have a Snack Area for the kids to sit down and eat/drink. There are also pavillions around the lake that you can eat at.

Do I need to make a reservation to play?

Yes, reservations are required to help manage capacity.

How often do you clean?

We disinfect all the toys, play areas, and common areas after every play time. We also have a monthly service with Ecovasive to professional disinfect our entire facility.