Play Reservations

Reservations are required.


Reservations are required. Reservations help maintain capacity and allow us to open/close according to reservations. 

Below you can select your arrival time. We ask that you arrive within the hour you select. You can stay for a maximum of 3 hours.


Please note: if you select a 2pm arrival you will be able to play for 2 hours (instead of 3 hours) and if you select a 3pm arrival you will be able to play for 1 hour (instead of 3 hours). We currently close the facility at 4pm.

Cleaning and bubbles are done throughout the day.  

We recommend signing the waiver before you arrive. The waiver is valid for a year.

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Cancellation Policy: If you are unable to make a play time, you must cancel your reservation 2 hours before to avoid a $10 no show fee. 

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